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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A conversation with Happy & Screechy

Most of you are familiar with my little bro and sis, Happy and Screechy. They are six month old human twins who are fast becoming two of my best buds. Along with our big sis Squeezy we have loads of fun, especially as they grow bigger. You might not believe it but Happy and Screechy are great conversationalists with just about as many opinions as I have. So I recently sat down with them for a chat and they agreed to let me feature it on my blog.

Me: Hello Happy, hello Screechy! How are you today?

Happy: Wonderful, I have gas! (sounds & smells are emitting from his tushy!)

Screechy: I'm good but he stinks as usual!

Me: So what are your plans for the day?

Happy: I'm gonna pass some more gas, eat a little, belch, play, pinch Screechy, pull your fur, cry, roll over, sleep, then possibly pass more gas.

Screechy: (scowls at Happy in disgust) You're an animal! I plan to eat, cry, whine, spit up, poop, sleep. Then wake up, whine, eat, spit up and poop again. You don't see me farting my day away like Happy does!

Me: You know I have a blog and I often tell stories about you two and Squeezy. Just wondering, what do you think of me?

Happy: You're a good pup, fun to play with and lay on and I like it when you lick my face and feet!

Screechy: You're good for drooling on that's for sure and I don't mind a good foot lick now and again. But do you really have to keep licking my face, especially right after you've licked your butt? It's beyond gross!

Me: Oh sorry Screechy! I'll try to stick to your feet if I can! So what is your opinion of Bella our cat?

Happy: We have a cat??

Screechy: Of course we do you dope! It's that furry white thing that comes in at night and lays beside you until Lexi tries to eat it.

Happy: Oh yes, I remember now! Great snuggler that one!

Me: Hmmmph! I thought I was your favorite snuggler??

Happy: Oh don't be offended Lex! You'll always be our favorite, promise!

Screechy: Yeah, even though you do tend to fart even more than Happy or Daddy. Must run in this family apparently.

Me: Yes, I think it does! Great for clearing a room. I noticed the two of you are almost sitting up by yourselves now! It won't be long before you're crawling!

Happy: Yes I can't wait! But mom says when that happens we will be put in a cage! What are we, animals??

Screechy: Yes, Happy, I think we are! But that's okay, I'm sure Lexi will join us in our baby cage for lots of fun and mischief, won't you dear?

Me: Absolutely! We'll be able to plan all kinds of neat things to do! Mom might not like them but then that's what makes them fun! Well it looks like mom wants the two of you to nap now so I'll say bye for now!

Happy: Nap??? But I'm not through farting yet!

Screechy: Nap, yeah right! Mom's soooo naive!!!!

Me: Bye guys, sleep well and I'll give you both a good foot licking when you wake!

And then mom took them away for a snooze, which is what's next on my own agenda! Hope you enjoyed the chat with my babies, we'll talk again soon!

Wags and kisses, and farts and scowls,
Lexi, Happy and Screechy

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