This is me (in case u hadn't guessed!)

About the real me, as if you want to know!

I'm the voice behind the dog or the blog or both for that matter, LOL.  My  name is Beth and I am Lexi's Mom.  I love to write and used to have major aspirations of becoming a published author.  I guess I still have those aspirations but for now they will have to be satisfied by blogging.

So about me!  I was born on May 21, 1969 in Michigan.  I have very early memories of telling myself stories as a way of comfort, entertainment and to put myself to sleep.  My parents talk about laying in bed and listening to me whispering to myself.  They thought I was talking to an imaginary friend, but I was really creating magical kingdoms in my mind, or rewriting the plot lines of my favorite television shows.  I was full of myself even back then, convinced I could do the television writer's job better than they could!

Fast-forward to my teen years, with it's usual angst and drama and that's when my writing began to take real shape.  I started writing "books" not stories but actual books!  I'd fill those binder style notebooks full of silly romance junk that thank goodness has not seen the light of day and hopefully never will! The plots were ridiculous but I was having fun and building my creative muscle.

As I entered my early adulthood I tried to get very serious about my writing and made stronger efforts to get published.  I did manage to win a few writing contests and published a poem in a legitimate magazine.  I think I made a total of $150 on my writing "career"!

Marriage, children and real life have pushed my dreams of becoming a published author to the back burner for now.  But it's still there, waiting, simmering, bubbling away.  The ideas do not stop coming to me, whether I am awake or in my dreams and I am storing them away until the day I am either brave or naive enough to bring them out into the real world.

Until then I will work on my blogs to keep that writing muscle in shape and hopefully entertain a few people a the same time.

Thanks for reading my blogs and stay tuned...you never know what I will come up with next!