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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

To Chase...or Not to Chase...

We have the good fortune to have a railroad track running behind our house. It's barely used which my mom and dad say is a good thing. I say it's a rotten thing. Because...I...LOVE....to chase trains!!!!! I come by this obsession naturally as it is a well known fact that my dear old dad is also an avid train chaser. Why he's been known to nearly crash the car in order to get a glimpse of a steam engine chugging down a country track. So when I hear that loud whistle coming I go into near hysterics until I get let outside and can give chase!

Now of course I don't make much progress since our yard happens to be fenced in, but I do what I can, racing back and forth the length of the lawn barking with mad joy at the huge incredibly noisy rumbly train. In the summer time my view is mostly blocked by the trees and bushes that grow between our fence and the tracks, but in the winter I get a glorious view of my prey. It always gets away though and I am left to stand forlornly and sad while it rumbles out of view.

But fortunately for me there are lots of other things to chase! Bella the cat is a great chase-ee, but she is a bit fast and if she's in a bad mood I get a swipe on the nose for my efforts. Plus once I catch her and try to have a good chew I usually end up getting hurt. She just doesn't seem to understand this is supposed to be FUN.

Unlike a lot of dogs I do not chase cars, mainly because I lack access to them. I am kept safely locked up in the back yard so I can just watch the cars go by and dream of what it must be like. Car chasing is a bit risky and I don't recommend it, like train chasing it's best to simply "pretend" to chase cars. Unless, of course you are talking about the electric toy cars like my sister Squeezy drives! Now those are a blast to chase! I love to act like a rabid mad dog and attack the tires while Squeezy drives around the yard screaming like a maniac! This most often brings mom out of the house shouting at us to stop acting so loud and crazy but we usually carry on anyway!

Recently I discovered the joys of chasing bicycle tires while Squeezy rides around the yard. For some reason she doesn't seem to enjoy this as much as the toy car chase and she screams in a most unhappy way and I get grounded to the house. The same thing happens when mom is riding the lawn tractor and I go after those tires. Or the vacuum or mop or broom. Apparently there are just some things that are okay to chase and some things that are not!

We dogs each and every day are faced with the overpowering need to chase things, it's natural for us and suppressing this urge is not easy! So the next time your dog takes off after your lawn mower, tricycle or precious little cat, don't shout and get angry. Maybe try a little chasing yourself and see how lovely it feels. Who knows, you just might find yourself hooked, just like your dog!

Wags and kisses,

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