This is me (in case u hadn't guessed!)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Long time no post! (just lots of digging, itching, panting, etc etc etc)

Arrroooooo!!!  I'm so sorry I haven't posted in furreverrrrr!!!  It's not my fault, honest! Mom has been hogging the computer big time and simply won't get off even when I give her my sad sorry pouty puppy face. What is wrong with that woman??  Doesn't she know I need to update my own blog once in a blue moon!  Good gravy!

So let's see, what have I been up to since I posted last?  Ummmm....doing a lot of scratching as per usual, lots of turning my nose up at my dog food, lots of digging, bug hunting, cat harassing, Lucas bullying, toddler dodging, face licking, pooping and butt sniffing.  So pretty much the usual.

Oh and don't forget sleeping!  I take several beauty naps a day, a girl has to keep up her appearance after all, right?  Mom says I am turning into a lazy old lady, which is pretty high talk from a 44 year old human. Just sayin'....

The rest of the clan is doing well, Lucas is still an incredible doofus, though he is a much LARGER doofus than he was before.  He takes up way too much space if you ask me, but he does have his uses I guess.  And I can still whip his big furry butt so that's good!

And that stinkin' Bella? Oh yes, well she's still around, the other day I caught Lucas smooching on her when he thought no one was looking.  The secret cat lovin' doofus!  I kicked his butt of course.

Squeezy is still squeezing me but she doesn't pay me as much attention as before, mom says she is growing up and is a busy girl.  It makes me sad. :(  So I give her big smoochies whenever possible to remind her I am her super favorite #1 dog.

Screechy and Happy are still here too, but much much bigger.  Happy has abandoned me for that Doofus Lucas and Screechy, well I think I just might have re-name her Pokey. Because she keeps poking me in the eyes, ears, butt, it's getting rather annoying actually.  And BOTH Screechy and Happy have an unnatural attachment to that furball Bella.  I think Mom needs to step in and do an intervention over that one.  Personally I don't think Bella is a good influence.  She eats rodents after all! Ick!

And my dear old Dad?  He's still here too thank goodness!  We still hang out together and pass gas together, and eat junk food together.  He's an awesome dude!!!

Okay my friends, glad I could bring you up to date and I will try to post more if I can get Mom off the computer....maybe I could try locking her outside the house sometime....hmmmmm...it could work!

Till next time,
Wags & Kisses
From Lexi :P