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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Trip to the Zoo Without You-Know-Who (Me!)

Potter Park Zoo, Lansing, Michigan
Today the entire Fairweather family paid a visit to Potter's Park Zoo in Lansing, Michigan. Oh wait..that's not entirely true is it? Not the ENTIRE family, for three very important (or at least one very important & two minor individuals) were left out of the trip.  That being ME, top dog extraordinaire Lexi, and my brofur Lucas and evil cat sister Bella.

You see, as I am sure you are well aware, us domestic animals, or pets as some of us are called, are not allowed in zoos. I say how rude! I mean please, will someone tell me just what the problem is? If anyone should be allowed inside a zoo it's us anipals after all! I mean, we're related to half the critters in there aren't we?  The wolves and big cats in mine and Bella's cases, the grizzly bears in Lucas's...

Timber Wolf, pretty sure we're kin!
Thank God Bella isn't this big!
Apparently the "argument" is that us dogs especially would bark and frighten the animals in the exhibits. Oh please! So you're telling me that the screaming infants, tantrum throwing toddlers, precocious pre-teens and music blaring actual teens aren't scaring them already?? Not to mention all the hard of hearing Grandma's and Grandpa's out there shouting to make themselves heard.

Lucas, it's your brother Fred!

But there you go, it's just yet another example of discriminatory behavior towards us poor persecuted domesticated animals. We get no respect, seriously. We can't go in grocery stores, restaurants, banks - unless you're one of those dinky tiny dogs people carry in purses, in which case I'm not even sure you're a real dog! Or if you live in France...apparently the French at least have proper MANNERS and allow their citizens to bring their best friends along when they dine, even in those fancy schmancy French restaurants where they serve gross stuff like snails...
Hey, Dad! How'd you get on my blog?

He's waiting for a nice kitty to play! hee hee!
So we didn't get to go to the zoo, I missed yet another opportunity to interview one of my ancient ancestors, the wolf. I also missed the opportunity to slide Bella through the bars in the monkey house, ha ha, that would have been fun, huh?

 I am holding out hope that someday the world will be a more enlightened place, one that does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color of skin or whether or not you are covered in fur, scales or feathers.  Ahhh what a wonderful, wonderful place that will be...

Till next time,
Wags & kisses
Lexi :P

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