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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

School Stinks!

Today was the first day of school for my big sis Squeezy. She is going into the 3rd grade, which means that pretty soon she will know almost as much as I do! I do not like school because it takes my big sis away from me for almost the entire day! And not just one day either, like a zillion days, and I am left to lie around and mope until she comes home in the late afternoon. Whoever invented this school thing (and something tells me they are a cat person!) is no friend of mine!

It wasn't always so bad. I remember when I was a little pup I got to go with mom to take Squeezy to school and to pick her up. I had so much fun riding in the van to school, then mom would put the leash on me and we would walk up to the building to wait for sis to appear. I loved showing off, playing and barking and rolling around in front of everyone. And of course I soaked up the compliments that came my way from all the other moms and dads. Then the doors would finally open and all the kids would spill out. They all came running for me but I only had eyes for my Squeezy! She would run up and hug the daylights out of me and we would kiss kiss kiss! But then I got too big and the other moms got nervous for some reason and my mom had to leave me at home. Sometimes it sucks growing up!

Mom says I need to cheer up because I still have Happy and Screechy to play with. I guess she's right, although to tell you the truth I am noticing a disturbing development with those two. They are starting to move about and when they move about they come after me and pull my hair and tail and Screechy especially tries to eat me! What's that all about????

But I guess mom is right, I better enjoy it while it lasts because in no time at all that awful school will take away my little bro and sis too. And THEN what will I do????

Wags and kisses from this sad little (or not so little) pup

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  1. Yes Lexi they do grow up fast! Pretty soon it will be just you and Mom.